Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We've all heard it before; we all know what it means: Keep It Simple Stupid. Well I must admit that I'm the "stupid" in this case, the simpleton if you will. Every night at dinner Monkay and I play a glorious game that causes me fits of laughter. On occasion we have to give Monkay a gentle reminder to play the game, as she can be somewhat of a simpleton as well. Here's how it goes:

We all sit down to dinner: Gregg, Hannah, and I. We have a small table in a breakfast nook area, so Gregg takes the seat nearest the windows and faces the kitchen. I take the seat on the short end of the table facing the living room and backyard patio. Hannah either sits in her high chair between Gregg and I, or in a booster seat across from Daddy. She tends to prefer the high chair so she can see the TV (gasp... yes, we leave the TV on during dinner some nights). Anyway, we sit down to eat, Monkay comes rubbing around my legs, I pet her. Then she moves on to rubbing around Gregg's legs, he makes a comment about her fur being "coarse" and then says, "Go-way Monkay!" She skedaddles out of the kitchen through the living room and into the Master bedroom. Then she goes and peers out the door which leads to the back patio, which just happens to be directly across from where I sit. So I giggle hysterically and yell "HI MONKAY!!"  while waving madly as she peers out the back door. It takes her a few moments to realize that I'm hooting and waving at her - completely blank look on her face at this point. The you see it register that she's the subject of my outburst, and she wanders back out of the bedroom, through the living room and dining room, and back into the kitchen where the whole process begins again. Simple? Yes, absolutely! Entertaining? COMPLETELY!!

September Projects

Well I'm a few days behind, but I've finally gotten September's Monthly Monkay newsletter out! If you didn't receive a copy and would like one, email me and I'll be sure to send you one! I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase September's projects:

If you're interested in purchasing kits for any of the above cards or layouts, they run between $25 and $45 each, depending on which accessories and stamps you want to add. Kits include the Mischief paper pack and your choice of embellishments. You can make the treat box and 4 - 6 cards cards OR 3 layouts OR 8-10 cards (no treat box) out of a single "kit"! The kit for the banner is $25 and includes everything you need except the glitter and the August Stamp of the Month, "Wicked". Don't forget that this stamp is only available until the end of August, so order yours today! And don't forget, if you place an order of $50 AND purchase the Stamp of the Month for $5, you'll also get a free alphabet stamp set!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Stamp of the Month

August's Stamp of the Month is called "Wicked" and it is so much fun! The Stamp of the Month now comes with a project idea sheet in each stamp envelope, and easy access to the directions on the Close To My Heart website! You can choose from several card options or this great treat box when looking for project ideas! Don't wait though - this stamp is only available through the end of August! It's only $17.99 or $5 with a $50 purchase! It's easy to shop online or email me with inquiries!

Monday, August 1, 2011

And we are LIVE!!!

And here's the card:
Not local? NO PROBLEM! Again, just send me an email by August 19th, and I'll make sure to put together and kit and send it to you, complete with product and instructions! If you are local and just can't make it to the party, I can also put together a kit for you! I will have my September Stamp 'n Scrap Club projects to show at the Extravaganza on the 27th, so you don't want to miss out! Space is limited, so let me know today!!