Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today's Project

One of the fabulous new products unveiled at Convention was the My Creations Memory Game. It's a nifty little 3'x3'(ish) box with 24 chipboard squares inside. I saw SO MANY great ideas for different ways to use this box at Convention, but came up with one of my own which was also inspired by my Convention attendance. Turns out that Hannah had a bit of a difficult time with my absence. I've left her alone with Daddy numerous times before, but apparently she's at that age where she actually notices that I'm gone now! When Daddy is gone, she has a little photo album of him playing lacrosse that she carries around, but she doesn't have anything like that of me. So.... (insert "ah hah!" moment here) I decided to make her her own "picture box" out of the Memory Game! I searched through a bunch of digital files and sent a bunch to the local Walgreen's for printing. Then I cut them all to fit the memory game pieces and set to work gluing! I used the "Sophia" paper pack for decorating the backs of my picture cards and the outside of my box - it's one of my very favorite CTMH lines (and it's still available in the Fall/Winter Idea Book!!). I decided it would be fun to put pictures of all of the important people in her life in the little box, so we have grandparents, aunts and uncles, pets, and of course, BOYFRIEND! Here's how it tuned out: 

I used Mod Podge both to attach the photos and papers to the chipboard pieces and box, as well as Mod Podged over the top of everything, so it's sure to withstand pokey little girl fingers! Oh, and the flowers were made using the AWESOME new Cricut cartridge offered by CTMH, and they're cemented on with Liquid Glass, so they're sure to stay put for a while as well! I'd love to hear others' ideas for this great little box!

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  1. Awesome idea! Your daughter has a boyfriend already? lol