Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Almost Forgot...

While the husband was out of town last week, Hannah and I got busy on a few "pohjets" (projects) for Father's Day gifts! We did Mod Podge picture frames for Daddy and Grandpapa! You might know that I forgot to take pictures of the finished products before I gave them away! We'll have to visit Dad's office to get a snapshot of his finished frame and hope that Grandpapa sends us a picture of his (hintity hint hint). You'll have to excuse the blurriness of the top photo - someONE smeared little girl goobers all over the camera lens!

Another thing I forgot.... CAT FOOD! At one point I thought it would be a good idea to switch the cats over to a wet-food only diet like the vet suggested. The two boys would have no problem with this, as they tend to prefer the wet food. Monkay on the other hand... yeah... that diet's not gonna work out so well! That cat is a kibble fiend! I actually overheard the vet tech telling the vet that Lil was a "fatty" and a "food bully" at our appointment last month! Poor Lil... she sort of eats the wet food - it has to be some sort of "shred" or "chunk" and then she licks the gravy off. She's a gravy gal, what can I say! So until I make it to Petsmart, she will continue to make her dissatisfaction known every morning at 4:30 by pawing at my face and purring (AKA "mouth breathing" according to the husband) VERY loudly.

Holy crap - when did it get to be almost 10:00?! Looks like I'd better call it a day!

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